A Guidebook for Residents in Dubai, Ejari, 2022

Ejari is indeed the Dubai government’s tenancy contract attestation and registration system. It’s a system that can be perplexing to newcomers in Dubai and can even catch long-term citizens off guard.

We’ve created a complete guide that includes the latest modifications to the process that many other articles on the internet do not.

What exactly is Ejari?

Ejari was founded in 2007 to assist in the resolution of common rental disputes and to protect tenants from fraud. It has been required since 2010. To be considered legitimate, every tenancy contract, as well as any subsequent renewals, must be registered in the Ejari framework.
Over the last decade, the specifications have become stricter, and certain practices, such as enabling estate agents or third-party websites to login a contract on behalf of the tenant, have been prohibited.
When a tenancy contract is registered, an Ejari license with the Ejari “Contract number” is released.

Why would I need to register for Ejari?

  • The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) requires the Ejari certificate in order to open an account. This means that if you do not have the Ejari license, you may be without water and electricity when you move in.
  • Before issuing access cards, A/C connections, or moving permits, many building and community management businesses will require an Ejari certificate.
  • If the tenancy contract was not recorded with Ejari, the local courts can not hear the case.

How is Ejari fulfilled?

In one of these three different ways:

1. It is done by the homeowner or a property management company.

This is the most common situation, especially when renting from homeowners directly. The tenancy contract will indeed be registered in the Ejari system by the homeowner or an official property management company on their behalf. The tenant is usually paid a fee for this, but they are not required to do anything other than provide identification documents. Some real estate brokerages also function as property management firms.

2. The tenant electronically registers the contract.

This is a new system that can be implemented using the “Dubai REST” app, known as the actual government real estate app. If the homeowner is tech-savvy enough to download the app, the process is simple. If the landlord is unavailable or is unable to do so, it must be done personally.

3. The tenant personally registers the contract.

Ejari has five locations in Dubai. When the tenant comes with the necessary documents, a receptionist will review them, enter them into the system, and issue you an Ejari certificate on the place.

If your real estate agent has provided you with the necessary documents, the process should be relatively painless. There are, however, numerous pitfalls, and if a problem arises, it can be a major time sink and even cause delays in moving in and/or connecting utilities.

Is it possible to register Ejari online?

Yes, but only as a tenant can you do so via the Dubai REST smartphone app Any third-party websites claiming to be able to help you with this are either old-fashioned or fraudulent. They can only check that you have the necessary documents before instructing you to go to register the contract in person.

How to Operate Ejari App

The official Dubai Land Department app is the Dubai REST app, which is available for Android on the Play Store and for iOS on the iTunes Store. It includes the Ejari service among its many functions.

You must register for the service using your Emirates ID, and the app will move you through the document uploading process. You will be asked to pay the Ejari fee, which is approximately AED 200.

The service is still in its early stages, and it will require the landlord to use the app to approve the application,  The approval is expected to take a maximum of two days.

Ejari performed in person

Ejari is currently processed by five government offices in Dubai. There is no need for an appointment; simply show up with the required documents (listed below) and you will be issued a ticket. Depending on the time of day, wait times range from 5 to 45 minutes. It takes about 10 minutes to complete the process once your ticket is called.

Barsha Mall, Al Barsha 2

Al Manara Centre, Al Safa, adjacent to Noor Bank Metro Station 

Al Kifaf Centre, Za’abeel, Bur Dubai, next to Al Jaffliya Metro Station

Takhlees Government Services Creek Tower is located on Baniyas Road in Deira.

Fixit Government Services Building 33, Oud Metha, Dubai Healthcare City


The most recent requirements are:

  • Original signed tenancy agreement (or a high-quality scan if the landlord is unavailable in person).
  • Emirates ID of the tenant
  • Copy of the tenant’s passport and visa
  • Landlord’s passport photocopy with visible signature
  • The homeowner provided a copy of the title deed.
  • A fee of approximately AED 220, payable by card.
  • Only a copy of a recent DEWA “green bill” is required for renewals. This is for matching your DEWA charges to your rent, which may have risen (or fallen!).

 Ejari’s cancellation

The Ejari should be deactivated at the end of a tenancy period. The landlord is responsible for this.
There can only be one Ejari on a property at a time, so make sure your homeowner has cancelled the prior Ejari before registering a new one.

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