Sherwoods International Property was founded in London in 1988 by CEO Iseeb Rehman. Initially the company looked after the real estate needs of private bankers in London, but its rapid success soon meant that Iseeb opened Sherwoods’ operational headquarters in Dubai. Here the business evolved to cater for expatriates of the UAE looking for real estate opportunities in London.

This means that we have now been working at the forefront of international real estate for almost 25 years, with particular experience in the property markets of the UK and the Gulf States.

A lot has changed in the world in that time, but we have struck true to our principles of providing the best services, and dealing with the most exciting ventures, that global real estate can offer. That is why we have continued to grow, even when the global economy has experienced a downturn.

We know the markets like no one else, and we also know the right people. With an extensive international network of associates and partnerships Sherwoods have an unparalleled record in helping people to find their dream property in the world’s most exciting developments, or introducing them to the perfect match for their property sale. It’s why we are almost always the first choice for developers in the Gulf States and, increasingly, beyond.

The result is that Sherwoods is now a brand in its own right, dealing with boutique practices to private clients, institutions, governmental and private developers, managing business verticals and becoming a mainstay in the Gulf’s business sphere and beyond.

Sherwoods have offices in the UK, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Kaimah, Bahrain and Doha. Thanks to unprecedented growth and new ventures that are about to begin, we also have new offices in new locations opening soon.


aboutImgDespite our passion for property, people are at the heart of our process. Be they residential properties or commercial spaces, places only come alive, and are at their best, when the right people are in them..

That is why Sherwoods are so scrupulous in making sure that we only show you the sort of properties that you really want to see. And if you are selling, we talk to you every step of the way to ensure that you are always getting what is right and best for you from the deal, and the property that you are passing on to others is in good hands..

So from the moment you first contact us you know that you are getting sincere, friendly and utterly helpful advice from a company that values integrity and honesty as much as it loves dealing with stunning villas and awe-inspiring apartments.