CEO’s Message

Iseeb Rehman

Iseeb is a well-known and highly respected figure in the business world.

Born in 1964, Iseeb studied in London before taking an ISVO there and qualifying as a legal surveyor. Immediately, he set up his first business – Sherwoods – which is still in existence and thriving to this day.

Initially, the company looked after the real estate needs of private bankers in London, but its rapid success soon meant that, in 1988, Iseeb opened Sherwoods’ operational headquarters in Dubai. Here the business evolved to cater for ex-patriots of the UAE looking for real estate opportunities in London.

Since then the company has gone from strength to strength, acting as consultants for main-stream developments and government projects in Dubai. Under Iseeb’s guidance, the company has proved to be very resilient, riding out several economic downturns and coming out the other side even stronger. He and the company have understood the problems of these times, managed them and gone on to perform brilliantly in the subsequent booms. Sherwoods are using these same strengths to continue to flourish in the current international dip.

Sherwoods is a brand in its own right, dealing with boutique practices to private clients, institutions, governmental and private developers, managing business verticals and becoming a mainstay in the Gulf’s business sphere and beyond.

Always affable, approachable and down to earth, but with real integrity and a great attention to detail, Iseeb’s personal qualities are reflected in his company. He considers Sherwoods to be his biggest passion and greatest achievement. His second greatest achievement is the aviation project he worked on: advising on an entire airline’s creation, from crew to technicians to the aircraft themselves, he looks at this unusual and highly successful venture with a good deal of justified pride – the airline now boasts 55 brand new aircraft.

Away from work, Iseeb is very keen on sport. He frequently competes in half marathons and also enjoys motorsport.

Iseeb is always looking to the future. “We’ve got a few things up our sleeve. Let’s just say the coming year is going to be very exciting.”