Dubai’s tramway taking shape


One of the most encouraging civic infrastructure developments of recent times is Dubai’s new tram system due to be running towards the end of 2014.

A new system

The “Dubai Tram” is part of Dubai’s integrated transport plan and it will be a welcome addition to the public transport options faced by business travellers and commuters.

It’s a state-of-the-art system that utilises the very latest in passenger safety measures.  That includes passengers standing at the tram stops waiting to get aboard.

What’s equally impressive is that the ticketing technology has been re-planned to ensure that scanners are being used at wide entry and exit points as opposed to ticket punch gates directly adjacent to the boarding point.  This should reduce or eliminate entirely, the ticket gate queues that can be encountered in some transport systems.

History of the development

All around the world, it is probably true to say that there is a degree of nervousness when large transport infrastructure projects are getting underway.  They can be notoriously liable to over-running and breaking their budgetary constraints.

In the case of the Dubai Tram project, which was originally called Al Sufouh, its initial launch was subject to delays and uncertainty arising out of some of the confusion following the 2008 global economic crash.  However, work relatively quickly recommenced and it is now well on target for providing an excellent service along its length by the end of 2014 and early 2015.

Confidence in the future

The optimism and commitment behind the scheme is a credit to Dubai, its self-confidence and its belief in a global future in which it will be a major player. This type of positive thinking and future-focus is something that was relatively widespread around the globe in the past but is now in much shorter supply.  It is that self confidence that continues to attract businesses and individuals to this great city and why the prognosis for the future looks so bright.

Of course, with development and urban growth also come challenges relating to the continued investment in transport infrastructure as well as the need for recognition of the greater environmental impact of progress.  These two objectives will continue to be high on the agenda of Dubai and its major investment plans in the area.

In the case of Dubai Trams, it’s pleasing to see that a lot of effort has been invested in the design integration of the stations and their serving trams into the wider background environment.

Anything that makes commuting across cities easier is also likely to be a significant benefit to property owners, developers and those whose businesses involve property letting. The tram development is likely to play a major part in continuing to drive the global attraction of Dubai for investors and residents.

Everybody hopes that the next year or so will progress without glitches and we await the opening of the new tram service with eager anticipation.

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