Factors to consider when Investing in Dubai Real Estate Market

Commercial and residential real estate property in Dubai, has a unique ring to it as it is amongst the world’s fastest growing real-estate markets, with all the qualities associated with the re-purposing of the Dubai waterfront and desert lands. 

The quality :

The quality of the property comes with the added benefits of having free zones, that allow freehold of property by non-natives. The commercial property available for investment comprises mostly office space, whereas the residential properties include apartments and villas with an addition of four and five-star hotels, along with the rest of the Marina. The Dubai Marina finds value in the uniqueness of the construction, as it utilizes the idea of canals in a desert by channeling the water of the Gulf Sea. The presence of a waterfront in the middle of the desert is not therefore restricted to the open sea front.  

Amongst the factors to consider in investment in Dubai property is the rental yield of the property. The bounce-back potential of Dubai is visible from the high capital appreciation of the Dubai Marina in the excess of 25%. The rental yields available in the Dubai Marina are 10% which is the highest amongst the MENA with 0% income, capital gains, and corporate tax. This in addition to the high demand and quality makes Dubai property very attractive to investors.

The maintenance charges

The maintenance charges in the properties are done according to the newly launched index of Service Charges and Maintenance. The relevance of the charges is according to the property and the scale of maintenance required in various factors related to the property and common space. The developers mostly ask for specific sums in the development costs and later on an askance for annual fees becomes the norm.

Since the development of the index, homeowners have had more control over the services and service providers and thus this regulated the relative maintenance charges.

the facilities

The value of the property gauge in part by the facilities available nearby and Dubai Marina is one of the best locations to invest in.

The Marina has easy access from the airport as well as Jebel Ali Port. It is just off interchange 5 of Sheikh Zayed Road, with the road running right next to it. The Marina is close to Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, and the American University in Dubai. It, therefore, allows greater access to the residents as well as is a lucrative place for the development of the commercial property.

The residential property, therefore, increases in value through greater demand.

The socio-economics in the area are amongst the best as the area includes luxury destination hotels and thus the quality of the residential property depicts the same quality. The addition of The Walk increases the leisure value of the Marina, therefore, increasing economic value and social quality.

The Jumeirah Beach Residence, Marina Quays, Park Island, and Twin Towers of Al-Sahab are all high luxury residential properties that warrant investment due to long-term returns.



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