Given London is a huge metropolitan area, you’re unlikely to be living around the corner from your key relationship links, so instead, look to be within short driving distance or easily accessible via public transport (within a few tube stops on the same line, a short bus ride, or a train stop away).

Trust us, if you’re in North London and your best friend is in South London, the hours spent travelling from one home to another means you’ll only meet up in the centre, which leads to less time together. Same with family – a cousin, sister or brother in West London, while you live in East, will lead to less time together as you can spend an hour or more travelling each way – unless they live in Holland Park on the Undergrounds Central line and you get smart and decide to move to Mile End… also nice and convenient for the Central line. In London travel connections count!

Some of us just don’t have anyone we know in London, that’s just fine, from 10 million residents in Greater London, friends and new relationships will materialise! What’s important for you is to be close to the route that will take you to family or friends further afield – whether in the UK or abroad.

Ensure you have easy access to a road, train station or airport that takes you to those you enjoy being with. It genuinely means you will travel to see them more frequently – one of London’s side effects is it grinds down those who have complicated travel scenarios – and it allows those you like to visit you more comfortably.

Also consider living more centrally, or closer to the ‘busier’ parts of an area, so you naturally spend more time frequenting places where you will meet locals, mix into the community and find new friends. If you shop for food each day, as you’re close to the high street, or pop into the local cafe or pub more often, because it’s closer by, you will likely meet more people and quicker.