Sherwoods’ pre-launch the Burj Pacific


It is sometimes asked whether or not the dynamism and progressive nature of Dubai’s society can continue ad infinitum.

Well, our latest residential development announcement (Sherwoods’ pre-launch the Burj Pacific) confirms that the future in this marvellous city and surrounding area continues to look exceptionally bright.

People continually ask, what is the attraction of living in Dubai?  Well, you could fill almost an entire book with your answer to that one including:

-this is now one of the world’s greatest business hubs and a fantastic place to progress commercial opportunities. To put it simply, doing business here is easy and part of this area’s DNA ;

-whilst local traditions are deeply respected and cherished, Dubai has nevertheless become perhaps the pre-eminent international business and ex-pat residential centre. That tells you a great deal about the lifestyle and standard of living here for many local and expatriate residents;

-security.    True, nowhere in the world is perfectly safe but this city consistently ranks as one of the most secure to live in and where crime is comparatively rare;

-facilities.  Many things here including the transport and education infrastructure are generally excellent and getting around is simply easy – not something that can be said in many of the world’s great cities;

-the weather.  Yes, this is an old chestnut but to those used to the vagaries of northern European or much of North American weather, the weather here is something of a paradise. Of course, nobody is disputing that it can become seriously hot at the height of summer.  That is why almost everywhere here is luxuriously air conditioned, so, it’s not an issue for many.

Perhaps one of the hardest things to convey about Dubai is the sheer dynamism of the place.  This is an area where optimism is the norm and get-up-and-go is the rule rather than the exception.

There is often a great degree of emphasis placed on Dubai’s role as a meeting place of east and west but today it is really a hub for all points of the globe and not just east and west.  Living and working here you will have day-to-day dealings with a vast range of nationalities and that adds to the area’s truly cosmopolitan nature.

It is a fact of life that however dynamic the business environment and culture of an area is, people need to have somewhere comfortable and secure to live.  Few cities anywhere in the world have done so much to provide staggeringly good accommodation and surroundings as is the case here.

In a sense, Sherwoods’ announcement of The Burj Pacific Development is another in a long line of confirmations of confidence in the city’s future.  Having said that, this development is just a little bit more special than many!

This is a multi-floor luxury development in one of the most prestigious areas of town and one which is just a brief stroll away from the Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building.  As you might expect given the prestigious location, the apartments, duplexes and villas are constructed to the highest possible levels of luxury and with a quite stunning range of fittings and fixtures.

Accommodation in developments such as this will be in demand for sure but perhaps more importantly, the Burj Pacific will yet again emphasize the attractions of living and doing business in Dubai. That in turn should mean that not only will property in the city continue to be an excellent base for individuals and families locally but also a potentially very sound financial investment.

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